About Vester and Associates, Inc.
Vester and Associates, Inc. has been continuously involved in many aspects of commercial and residential surveying and engineering in Tippecanoe County since 1961. The firm was originally established by Burton S. Vester. Patrick N. Cunningham became the owner in July of 1977. We have provided all types of professional surveying and civil engineering services which include: complete design of streets; sanitary sewer and drainage plans for several commercial and residential developments of private developers; control surveys for Purdue University, the City of Lafayette, and Tippecanoe County; right-of-way engineering; engineering surveys; construction stakeout; and also construction management. Currently we have 2 Licensed land surveyors, and a Licensed professional engineer. In 1961, Vester and Associates, Inc. was situated overlooking the Wabash River where Riehle plaza is now located. In 1975 the business was moved to the west side of the Tippecanoe County Court House Square and remained there until 1994. Throughout the early 70's, 80's, and 90's, the company began to grow due to the developing technology, the broadening capabilities of services available, the increased demand from clientele, and the number of employees needed to keep up with the expanding business. In 1994 Vester and Associates, Inc. moved to a historically remodeled three-story building on the South side of the Court House Square, where it is currently located.