Surveyor Location Report (SLR)
What is a Surveyor Location Report?
A Surveyor Location Report (SLR), sometimes referred to as a mortgage or loan survey, briefly describes and shows the location of existing monuments, buildings, fences and other improvements on the property or possible encroaching improvements on adjoining properties. SLR's show the location of easements or setback lines on the lot as determined from the recorded plat. This information should not be used for construction of new improvements or fences. This report is an inspection by a professional land surveyor. Corner markers will not be set if missing.
Why do I need a Surveyor Location Report?
A Surveyor Location Report (SLR), is done to protect the buyer, the title company, and the bank.

A neighbor, a realtor, or a seller, may not know the location of the property lines, setbacks, easements or possible flood hazard.

Improvements (such as an addition, shed, fence, etc.) may have been made to the property or to an adjoining property since it was last inspected. An updated SLR should be ordered whenever a property is sold.
The following drawings show frequent problems found