Land Development
Vester and Associates, Inc. can provide a variety of land development services to meet the needs of our clients. Our land development services can be provided for projects as simple as making a single division of land, creating a new piece of property upon which you can build, to projects as complex as a large residential or commercial subdivision. The following is a brief description of some of the land development services we offer in Tippecanoe County. (All counties have different ordinances regarding the division of land. We are capable of following the local regulations for your project to satisfy your needs.) Land can also be transferred by other means not described below, so please contact us for further information on your land development needs.
Parcelizations have been largely used as a method to create new tracts of land outside of the urban areas and city boundaries. They have varied from creating a single new piece of property to creating a rural community with large tracts, having the same look and feel of subdivisions that are located in the urban areas of town.
Recent changes in local ordinances have limited future parcelizations to areas zoned AA (Select Agricultural); therefore, to divide property in rural areas in other zones, Rural Subdivisions or Minor Subdivisions can be used.

Rural Estate Subdivisions
One method of dividing property in rural areas is through Rural Estate Subdivisions. The property must meet certain conditions regarding current and past use to qualify for this method of division. Property divided by this method must first be rezoned to a Rural Estate (RE) Zone and then can be divided through the subdivision process which requires a public hearing, construction plans, and a final plat.

Minor Subdivisions
Minor subdivisions can also be used for dividing property in rural and urban areas to divide a property into four or fewer tracts depending on certain factors. Minor subdivisions require frontage on a public road and cannot include construction of any public improvements.

Major Subdivisions
Major subdivisions are used for residential and commercial subdivisions within the urban areas. Vester and Associates, Inc. can provide all of the necessary services needed to accomplish these projects including, but not limited to, boundary/land title surveys, topographic surveys, complete design and construction plans for streets, sewers, water mains, utilities, drainage, erosion control, platting, and other items necessary to complete your project.
In some cases, the major subdivision process can be utilized on the outskirts of town with individual on-site waste treatment and wells.

Planned Unit Developments
Planned unit developments are commonly used for condominium projects, multi-family projects and sites with mixed residential or commercial uses, or other unique residential or commercial projects not covered by another land development method. In addition to many of the items involved with a major subdivision, these types of projects often require community amenities such as landscaping on residential lots, common site landscaping, walking trails, and recreational areas or other areas set aside for use by the community.